Pre-sale detailing

Maximise the return on your investment

Premium Pre-sale finishing

Detail Mode are trusted leaders in all things car care. With precision and an eye for detail, our team bring a wealth of knowledge and continuous improvement to each project.

We can prepare your vehicle for sale, giving it that "new car feel" for the new owner. When a vehicle is beautifully presented, the value and appeal for potential buyers is increased exponentially. Give peace of mind to the new owner with our vehicle sanitisation service. Check out our other car detailing services, including paint protection.

Vehicle detailing expertise

Our team has expertise in every aspect of vehicle care. We strive to deliver top quality work every time. Whether you prefer custom packages or our standard packages, we can make it happen. We are proud to offer a wide range of services, including custom packaging.

Our detailing services

We can tailor a professional service to meet your demands, whether you need bespoke services or our standard packaged services. Our standard "Pre Sale" package includes:

  • Decontamination Wash
  • Clay & Iron Fallout Removal
  • Clean Engine Bay & Door Jams
  • Remove and clean spare wheel and wheel well
  • Vac & Blow Out Interior
  • Cleanse all trims & surfaces
  • Cleanse Leather (if applicable)
  • Steam clean and extract fabrics & carpets
  • Sanitise & Odour Neutralise
  • Treat Leather & Trim
  • Machine Polish Paintwork to revive gloss
  • Restore headlights (if applicable)
  • Remove any scuffs and marks
  • Seal with a Sio2 paint sealant (up to 4 months protection)
  • Clean glass
  • Dress Tires and Trim
  • Final Inspection