Paint Correction

The art of creating a glass like finish

Detail Mode paint correction

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Why do I need paint correction?

High-level automotive detailers and finishers now use the term paint correction to describe restoring and rejuvenating a vehicle's paintwork. As time goes by, scratches etch themselves into automotive surfaces. The real, clear reflection is diminished by these scratches, which appear as scratches and dullness. Imperfections such as swirl marks, bird droppings, acid rain, holograms, buffer trails, and random deep scratches are visible on a vehicle's surface.

Rather than merely covering or hiding these imperfections with filler-based products, paint correction is only used when these scratches are properly removed. Paint correction is performed by micron quantities of clear coat or paint being removed from the surface with sanding, abrasive compounds, and finishing compounds.

At Detail Mode, we employ a multi-stage polishing process that uses a variety of grades of sanding and compounds to eliminate scratches and scuffs. The first phase is removing scratches and scuffs in addition to clearcoat, which is followed by applying finer compounds until a crystal clear finish is achieved. We ensure the vehicle's integrity by ensuring the paint's depth.

Detail Mode's correction process

Before, during, and after the paint correction process, a paint depth gauge and gloss meter are used. Before, during, and after the paint correction process, a paint depth gauge and gloss meter are used. This gauge measures the thickness of the paint on the panel and is used before, during, and after the process to monitor how much material is being removed. This ensures that excess paint is not removed, which could leave the colour too thin or cause irreversible damage.

Once the paint is refined, a gloss meter is used to measure the surface's clarity after it has been refined. When Detail Mode's specialist 64 Light Correction and Coating Booth is used, Detail Mode simulates the effect of direct sunlight on the vehicle's exterior. At this stage, we check the paintwork and make sure it scratches and blemishes have been removed correctly.

For deep scratches, Detail Mode softens the edges of these scratches so they are less apparent in direct light.


After completion, the panels are wiped down with an isopropyl alcohol solution to remove any residue left over from the polish to reveal its true finish, including any areas that may have been missed or require more work.

Once complete, Detail Mode can coat your vehicle with a protective coating of your choice, or wrap it in paint protective film. Your fully corrected paintwork will shine brilliantly and produce stunning reflections and glass-like appearances, as there are no longer any imperfections to scatter and refract the light rays off in different directions.

Nano Coatings by REVIVIFY

Compared with traditional SI02 structured ceramic coatings or glass coatings, REVIVIfy Self-healing series products have 100% resistance to ultraviolet rays, and their chemical resistance is 3X that of traditional ceramic coatings.

Based on years of experience in the formulation of automotive sprayable PPF, Idée introduced its technology into the global innovative R&D of REVIVIfy self-healing products, and successfully completed the world’s first thick single application, heat-activated, self-healing nano-coating products in 2018. The gloss, hydrophobic, stain, chemical, and 100% UV resistance are not comparable to traditional ceramic products.

This advanced formulation not only allows the product to break through the protection limit of traditional coatings but the application method has also undergone a revolutionary change, which is extremely easy to apply (no mixing needed) therefore reduces the risk of having “high spots”. REVIVIfy successfully created a range of coating products that everyone in the automotive detailing and protection industry dreams of.

 Thick layer technology  3D structure
 Superior durability  Proprietary formulas
 Curing process  Self healing technology

An advanced, self-healing, flexible coating that is similar to paint protection film. REVIVIfy allows for a true healing process of minor scratches & swirl marks, unlike any other traditional ceramic (hard) coatings.