Electric vehicles

Future driven protection for future driven vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Preparing your EV for the long term is now more important than ever. Your new EV needs to be protected, not only for ease of maintenance but more importantly, to hold its value and maintain its appearance. Using the very latest in vehicle protective technology provided by Detail Mode, you can be assured your new EV is protected by the very best.

protective coatings

Protective coatings offer the most advanced protection for your EV. Detail Mode offer Self Healing, Graphene, Ceramic and Acrylic coatings and can offer multi-layering for added protection

EV packages

Get your electric car looking its best with a detailing package that offers the best value services specific to your car. From detailing the interior and exterior to cleaning and protective coatings, we have a package that will leave your car looking and feeling like new.


Just ask yourself this question, ”would a car dealer try to sell you a car without detailing it first?”. Our pre-sale detail can add hundreds and in some cases, thousands of dollars, to the sale price of your EV.