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New car protection

Our new car detailing services are aimed specifically at you, the new car owner. We will clean your car inside and out, taking care to preserve the paint job and finish.


Ceramic coating

Protective coatings offer the most advanced protection for your new vehicle. Detail Mode offer Ceramic and Acrylic coatings and can offer multi-layering for added protection.


Paint correction

At Detail Mode, we employ a multi-stage polishing process that uses a variety of grades of sanding and compounds to eliminate scratches and scuffs.

Window film

Window tinting

Detail Mode professionally applies ceramic window tinting to provide you with complete UV protection, significant heat reduction, privacy protection etc.

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Why Detail Mode?

Detail Mode is a car detailing business that takes its results seriously. We don’t just clean cars – we take them to the next level and preserve them with only the finest protective coatings on the market. With our team of professional detailers, we are able to restore, enhance, correct, apply PPF, tint and coating services to cars, ensuring that each one is of the highest quality.

At Detail Mode, we believe in getting the job done right the first time. Our detailers have an exceptional eye for detail and are hands-on with each project from start to finish. We are passionate about what we do and take pride in giving our customers the best possible results.

If you’re looking for a car detailing service that won’t compromise on quality, then look no further than Detail Mode. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing outstanding results that will leave you with a vehicle that looks and feels like new.

Our specialties

Experience the ultimate care and protection for your vehicle, regardless of its class or age. With Detail Mode's premium detailing services, every car – whether new, luxury, custom, or classic – receives an upgrade in appearance and preservation, ensuring they look their best and stay in top shape longer.

Drive with pride as our expert detailing team enhances your vehicle's aesthetic, corrects imperfections, and applies the finest protective coatings available. Treat your car to the next level of cleanliness and lasting protection with Detail Mode.

New car

Our new car detailing services are aimed specifically at you, the new car owner. We will clean your car inside and out, taking care to preserve the paint job and finish.

Luxury car

Whether you have a passion for opulence or performance, we know what it means to be passionate about our cars. Detail Mode have a long standing obsession with all things automotive. Over the years we have lovingly restored, perfected and cared for some of the most valuable vehicles the world has seen.


Preparing your EV for the long term is now more important than ever. Your new EV needs to be protected, not only for ease of maintenance but more importantly, to hold its value and maintain its appearance. Using the very latest in vehicle protective technology provided by Detail Mode, you can be assured your new EV is protected by the very best.


Detail Mode are passionate about all things Mustang. As owners of these iconic vehicles, we know every inch of them intimately. Your Mustang can be truly transformed by our expert team and our unique services, to set it apart from the others. Detail Mode is a proud Gold Sponsor of the Melbourne Mustang Club, and offer exclusive packaging and pricing for all members.


Detail Mode have over 25 years of experience in professional, high-quality paint correction and finishing. We have worked extensively with owners of custom vehicles, delivering only the very best every time. We work tirelessly to provide top-of-the-line services for all our customers. We are lovers of all things custom and have worked with some of the best vehicles in the industry.


Classics and chrome from Jaguar to Aston Martin. From Cadillac to Chevrolet. From Ford to Holden. The appeal of classics passes down through generations. Detail Mode can restore the beauty of a bygone era and protect it for years to come. Detail Mode use waterless cleaning methods to preserve the integrity of your vehicle.


From Rolls-Royce to Crossley, from Mercedes to Horch, from Packard to Dueseberg, Detail Mode have a passion for pre-war vintage vehicles. Detail Mode will protect your 'timepiece' with all the care needed for its delicate and irreplaceable parts.

2 Wheels

From Street Racers to Cafe Racers, from Bobbers to Ultra Classics, from Triumph to Vincent, Detail Mode have a long history for all things 2 wheels. We are unique in our approach to motorcycle detailing and protection.



Detail Mode provide the ultimate service for your forby. We can transform the look of your vehicle with our restorative services and lock it in with our protective services so you can be confident to be able to take on whatever nature throws at it. Chase your next adventure with Detail Mode.

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