Detail Mode - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

The following contains useful information that are based on commonly questions about detailing and our business.

Where is Detail Mode located?
Detail Mode are located in Coburg, Melbourne, Australia. We are a successful and growing local business. Unfortunately at this time, we service only by delivery to our centre.

Why do you refer to Detail Mode services as "professional detailing"?
Professional detailing as offered by Detail Mode is customised cleaning and restoration service designed to produce a meticulously clean vehicle with a brilliant shine and immaculate interior; free from stains, residue, dirt, or contamination of any kind.

Our detailing services should not to be confused with a car wash, wash and wax, or express detailing. While those services serve their purposes in the market place, professional detailing such as that offered by Detail Mode are much more meticulous, thorough.

Detail Mode services are not “one size fits all”. We begin with an inspection of the vehicle to determine the best course of action to bring the vehicle as close to perfection as possible. No two vehicles are the same or require the same exact detailing process.

Do you guarantee your services? Can I read reviews?
Yes we do. You will not just hear pretty words from us, you will see the end result matches what we say or exceeds what you expect. We are active in social media with a very dynamic Facebook page, check out our reviews on Facebook.

Do you offer engine bay cleaning?
Yes we do and it is certainly part of our service - we take a holistic view of your vehicle and see the engine bay as something you take pride in viewing. See the Gallery for photos of some of our engine work.

Do you restore headlights?
Yes we do and it is certainly part of our service.